Jennifer Owen

April 23, 2012

New analysis of 40-year-old recording of Kent State shootings reveals that Ohio Guard was given an order to prepare to fire

The Ohio National Guardsmen who fired on students and antiwar protesters at Kent State University on May 4th, 1970 were given an order to prepare to shoot, according to a new analytics of a 40-year-old audio tape of the event. […]
April 23, 2012

Forensic audio experts Allen and Owen have had long, interesting careers deciphering the sounds of crime

From mobsters and murderers to terrorists and even a chatty presidential hopeful, forensic audio specialists Stuart Allen and Tom Owen have scrutinized, analyzed — and testified about — an extraordinary array of recorded subjects and suspects. Click here to read […]
April 1, 2012

Trayvon Martin case: Screams on 911 tape aren’t George Zimmerman’s: experts

The panicked cries for help caught on a 911 call the night Trayvon Martin was killed were not coming from shooter George Zimmerman, forensic experts say. Two leading forensic voice identification experts who listened to a 911 call from a […]
December 2, 2010

Audio Expert: Britney Recording Was ‘Manipulated’

A highly-respected audio expert tells TMZ … Jason Alexander‘s recording of the woman he claims is Britney Spears “has been electronically stepped on.” Tom Owen of OWL Investigations, and Chairman of the Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee of Forensic Audio, […]